‘Parents are always very welcome at school events and for volunteering in the school and there is always such a lovely family friendly atmosphere.’

‘The kindness that the teachers show to the children individually and as a whole school is so genuine and as apparent it is nice to know that they are being caredd for as  their emotional well-being is just as important, if not more than their academic progress.’

"The extracurricular activities eg Agriculture shows are amazing and the time and effort put in by all teachers involved is so amazing and heart warming, we are very licky that our children have this opportunity.’

‘Excellent rapport with teachers and students on the whole.  Excellent Agricultural program encouraging students in various areas of growth, responsibility, working as a team, discipline and fostering respect and an open relationship what the teachers.’

‘The school is a very safe and nurturing environment for students to attend.  It fosters a sense of confidence in individuals.’

“The Aboriginal Ed Occier does a wonderful job working with staff and students promoting indigenous culture and storytelling”


We have brilliant agriculture, science and indigenous education.  We have an amazing buddy system.”

‘The teachers help me with my learning.”

“If we need help or have any trouble, the teachers help with that.”